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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose you?

The best thing about photography and videography is the proof is in the pudding, or a bit like clothes shopping. 
There is so much choice out there, different fashions, some expensive, some practical and some tailor-made for a special occasions. I’m your tailor!

Every wedding is different, every album and film is different... unique to your wedding that we tailor together and I am sure will fit like a glove.

How long is full day coverage?

I always commit to a full day. Usually arriving with the hair/makeup artists (sometimes around 07:00) or even earlier if I’m setting up a time-lapse for the cinematography package and departing well into the celebrations. I’ve been known to stay until 01:00 the following morning. This all depends on your evening celebrations and how much your friends like to party :) Weddings are long days for me however my military training has conditioned me for these. I make plans to set up a B Cam time-lapse to capture the sunrise and evening reception/celebrations and I normally arrange my a 2nd videographer to arrive mid to late morning in plenty of time before the ceremony starts.

Do you charge for travel and accommodation?

I’ll travel anywhere within 70 miles of Wakefield, West Yorkshire and this included in the price unless stated. Anything beyond that there charged at 50p per mile.

If the travel is more than a 2-hour drive, I will usually require accommodation the night before (so that I’m there early enough to shoot you getting ready and I can capture any pre-wedding celebrations) and the night after (to make sure I can stay for the celebrations). All I need is a room in a hotel somewhere nearby. I’ll usually try and find a suitable option myself, but if you think you can find a better alternative, feel free to suggest.

Can you capture us both getting ready?

Each package comes with one videographer or photographer as standard. If you are both getting ready at the same venue, then I can usually shoot you both. If you are both getting ready at different locations, I can usually only guarantee that I’ll be able to capture one (normally the bride). However, I will at least grab some footage of the grooms party at the venue (usually at the bar) before the ceremony.
For a small fee of £200 I can also organise a second videographer/photographer to make sure we can cover both locations for you.

Do you travel abroad for destination weddings or elopements?

I absolutely do! I am based in West Yorkshire, UK, but I love to travel. I have already had the opportunity to capture a wedding abroad and loved every minute. More and more couples are choosing to book videographers and photographers from their home country for their weddings abroad. Mainly because of the differing styles of photography other countries have to offer. If you are thinking of booking an English-speaking photographer for your destination wedding get in touch as I offer bespoke wedding packages to suit your budget and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Help me tick off a country from my bucket list!

Why do you say that the Highlight Film is 5-10 minutes long?

This is only an approximate. The story and content of your day will dictate the length. I would never want to cut a great story short due to time constraints and equally, I would never want to dilute a story just to reach a minimum length. In my experience, a film is watched for the 1st 2 mins but will always need to be longer than 5 minutes and shouldn’t be longer than 10 minutes. Somewhere in-between is the sweet spot. This will allow me to tell your story in the most beautiful way.

When will our wedding video/photographs or album be ready?

Each wedding requires a lot of attention to detail and that process can take time, especially during the busy months. That being said, I try to ensure that your highlight video and or photographs will be ready within 4-6 weeks and your full-length film can take up-to 16 weeks thereafter. Albums tend to take 2 weeks after you have made your selection.

After the final edit can we makes changes?

Certainly, I don’t know any other videographer that offers this, but I do! I want to make sure your special day is exactly that special!….and captured the way you have interpreted it to be. I therefore include 2 amendments in your contract.
With regards to photographs the editorial standards will be implemented to SS Productions normal working standards. I allow for professional image manipulation (if technically possible) on 2 images of the client’s choice thereafter. This includes: size manipulation, de-ageing, removal of people and/or objects, cropping, colour correction, smoothing of skin, red blotches, teeth whitening, acne removal etc.

Where is our money going?

I know how important your wedding day is, I only take on a selected number of weddings each month to ensure that I give each one, my full and undivided care and attention. This is my full-time job and I spend endless hours editing, communicating and not forgetting the full day attendance. I realise that photography or films don’t come cheap and it can often be difficult to figure out if hiring a videographer/photographer is worth it. You can also pay in monthly instalments to make life easier. I’d like you to think of your wedding as an investment.

With regards to a video, ask your married friends and family their thoughts? Are they glad they got a videographer? or do they regret not having one? Have you ever felt so happy that you never wanted the moment to end? Well that’s what I aim to do with your wedding film – I capture the day using state of the art equipment, so that you can relive those happy moments time, and time again for the rest of your life. And if you ever feel down, just pop your video on.

My prices include the cost of maintaining and upgrading my equipment to make sure I’m always as prepared to capture your special memories. To hire my equipment alone for your wedding would shock you and that’s not including the extremely large deposit. I know as this is how I started off. Websites, storage, insurance, marketing, premium music licencing, video editing software, subscriptions, drone licence (PFcO), solicitors’ fees and Masters University fee’s didn’t come cheap either.

This doesn’t include the little things like sparklers, smoke grenades that I always include out of my own pocket to add that little extra artistic touches to your final video.

Once the day is done, I pour my heart and soul into editing your video and photographs, which can often require over a week for photographs and 2 weeks of non-stop work just for the highlights, to perfect a stunning film that’s sure to evoke emotion (and tears) in both you and your friends/family.

How do I know you won’t lose our footage?

I record to multiple cameras and each camera records to 2 memory cards during shooting. Even my drone records to both, a memory card and backups on my tablet/phone. I have multiple audio back ups and after every wedding, I immediately back up everything! I copy the footage onto a secure NAS system and also on an external hard drive. That way, if anything happens to my local physical copies, there’s always another backup somewhere to make sure your footage is ALWAYS safe. My insurance also covers me for memory card failure recovery and for any loss/damaged/stolen footage. I’m confident this will not happen and therefore I include in my contact that all fees paid are reimbursed should the unlikely happen, needless to say this has never happened.

Can you put a specific song in our video?

I use a premium commercial music supplier in my films and pay for a licence for their music, so it can be viewed legally on social media (don’t worry though, the cost of licensing is included in my packages).

This includes many well-known artists such as:

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

One Republic - Feel Again

Lady Gaga - Marry the Night

Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved

Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World

Ariana Grande - Into you

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats

American Authors - Best Day of My Life

The Royal Foundry - Make You Feel My Love

Here’s an example link:


If my suppler doesn’t have the music and you’re willing to pay lots of money for it i.e £400+! then the answer is yes.

Music licensing laws in the UK are complicated. While there are many videographers who continue to use non-licensed commercial music in their films illegally, there’s always a risk that the label who produce the song will take action through the courts for making unauthorised copies of their songs and for loss of revenue. You Tube and Facebook can also mute the music if you do not have permissions.

So we want to book you, what happens next?

I will send over a draft contract via email and all the information, payment details etc. will be on here. To secure your wedding date a deposit of 20% is required. I have multiple enquiries daily and could be booked up if the communications are prolonged. I do however treat each potential bride/groom in the same way I would expect to be treated. I always inform the 1st enquiry that a potential client is looking at securing my services and give you the 1st choice.
After the deposit/retainer fee is paid and the draft contract is sent back I will then send the amended contract via Adobe Sign where both parties can sign on their mobile devices and retain a copy with both signatures.

 Around a month prior to your wedding I send out an online details form, this includes a few brief questions outlining timings and locations for your big day. This information will help me begin to plan an itinerary for myself, so I know exactly where to be and at what time on the day. Included in my package is also a complimentary pre-wedding consultation, which I usually plan in around 4-5 weeks prior to your big day. This is a great opportunity for us to have a catch up about your plans.

Pre-wedding meeting

I arrange to meet with all my couples as soon as possible. This gives us the opportunity to ensure we are right for each other and to gain the finer details of your wedding plans. This allows me to build a timeline and a storyboard of your wedding day. If you are out of the area and not local, I am happy to call or Skype. I do believe however in meeting and is a fundamental part of the arrangement which ultimately puts us both at ease before and during your wedding.

When do we need to pay?

As mentioned above a retainer fee of 20% as soon as you want to secure your date. This is deducted from the total package price. The booking fee saves your wedding date and ensures I am exclusively your videographer/photographer for the day and will not take any further bookings. After the booking fee is paid any other payments can be made in instalments right up to 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. For example, if your wedding date is August 15th, full payment would be due and payable on the 1st Aug. I currently accept bank transfer, PayPal or cheques as methods of payment to my business account.

How many images will I receive?

The number of images you will receive will be completely dependent on your day. There’s no limit to the number of photographs you will receive; if an image forms an integral part of your wedding celebration then it appears within the story of your day. Actually, the only time I ever stop shooting is during your wedding breakfast because let’s face it nobody wants photos of you tucking into your dinner!

Do you have insurance?

I’m fully insured with £2 million 3rd party public liability cover for video, photography and commercial drone use.


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Contact Me

If you would like to make an enquiry regarding my availability for your wedding, please use the contact form on this page. 

Emails and contact forms aren’t for everyone, so if you would prefer to have a chat my number is 07882511907. It would be great to hear from you!

I will try to respond as soon as possible, so if you haven’t heard from me within a day there’s been a technical hiccup and it’s best to drop me a email at info@simonsweeney.co.uk to ensure I receive your message! It’s always best to check your spam/junk box to see if my response has landed in either of those folders.


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